"We have used Apex wood filler exclusively for at least four years on every floor we sand, whether old or new. 
We use the product in two ways: 1) Full strength as a spot filler; 2) Diluted with water as a skim filler over the entire floor. 
The adhesion quality is superior to other water-based fillers we have used, and we have not experienced any problem with darkening due to tannins. The product is very easy to mix, and the color can easily be adjusted using universal tints.
In older floors with heavy gapping, we will use a very thin mix so that the filler can seep down into the gaps. We will follow that with a heavier mix to top off the gaps, and let sit overnight. The next day it is very clear if there are still low points, and these can be topped off with the full strength product. Drying time is usually pretty quick, so if the spots are attended to first thing, they are usually sandable by the time you are ready to get to them.
The container size is about right for most of our jobs.
We have experienced very little waste.
The product has a "latex" odor that is not objectionable, and we have not had any difficulties even after storage at below freezing temps. We would not switch over to other brands of filler if they were half the price.
Apex filler is the right product for the job."

Dallas Day  
Day Flooring Co, LLC
Vancouver, WA


"I was completing a simple but quality conversion of my attic into a living space which included the sanding and finishing of a less than ideal floor. I was treated with utmost respect and kindness by the gentlemen at Greenpointe who provided me with the products, guidance, and repair that I needed without trying to sell me something that I don't need. I highly recommend the company for anyone who places value on green products and construction methods." 

careen via http://www.yellowpages.com/portland-or/mip/greenpointe-wood-flooring-supplies-tool-repair-465324731?lid=1000465174395 


"The owner is really great. I was DIY on 100-y-o floors with a really bad '80s early water-base finish, and LOTS of damage during that earlier job. Owner came out and offered his best judgment on how to tackle it. The job lasted much longer than anticipated (DAMAGE) and I wound up going back and forth. He always made sure I was being taken care of and gave me the assurances and tips I needed to get the job done right. I will use him over a big-box rental for the equipment every time. His rates are competitive, with the value-add of "he knows what the heck it is all about!" I saw mostly tradespeople in his shop, so he knows how to keep them happy, but also a few of us DIY types. Highly recommended after many trips there!"

Meryl L. via http://www.yelp.com/biz/greenpointe-inc-Portland


"Awesome. Obviously owned by a local family, full of great flooring products. I had 1000 sq. ft. of floor to deal with on a tight budget, and they helped me come in UNDER budget and gave me great info. Just a nice place to do business with."

Erica K. via http://www.yelp.com/biz/greenpointe-inc-Portland


"Really really really exceptionally helpful.  One of the men there actually teaches a class on hardwood restoration at PCC.  I went in there the ultimate novice and they were patient and kind and did not talk down to me.  A definite recommend."

Ashley d. via http://www.yelp.com/biz/greenpointe-inc-Portland


"This store probably sells mostly to contractors, but they seem happy to sell to the home owner crowd as well.
Greenpointe carries pro products which are much better than what's available at Lowes/Depot.  Flooring can be a daunting task but if you're an ambitious DIY'er this is a great place to start.  The staff are all helpful and friendly, particularly the owner.   Great local biz!"

Jessica L. via http://www.yelp.com/biz/greenpointe-inc-portland

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